Beep Help

Technical Issues and Bugs

If you are experiencing issues, or you have seen a Don't Panic error page and need assistance, please submit a support ticket to our helpdesk.

If you find a bug, please describe the bug telling us where you found it, and what you were trying to do when you discovered it.

You can contact our helpdesk by one of the following means:

General Info

For more information on Beep and how it can benefit your school, visit our corporate information site

To request a demonstration, information pack, or to sign up to a Beep package for your business or organisation, please contact Andrew Balfour (


Feedback from our users helps us evaluate and improve our system, and guides our development going forward. We welcome your feedback on any aspect of Beep.

You may have some comments on how particular areas could work better for you or your school, you may have some suggestions for new features that you would like to see added. You may even want to tell us that something we have added or changed is now working well!

Please feel to contact our helpdesk by email to submit your feedback, or submit a feedback ticket using the Get Help tab to the right.